With the game Troll Face Quest Politics, you’ll tear your tummy from laughing, maybe even describe panties, and all thanks to the wonderful trolling is not someone but popular politicians! You will have a number of fascinating puzzles, where your main task will be to troll politics. In different places, and at different moments of life, you must cause rage politicians of anger which they did not know!

At you choice is insignificant – to troll or be trolled! To solve the tasks you need to be smart and approach the question with humor. Without a sense of humor, you can not pass Troll Face. You may think that there is a mess in the game, so it is! You need to maneuver in this chaotic house of jokes and pods, merge into jokes and fun, until you see the treasured “Rage Face”.

In Quest Politics you will meet 17 unique political characters who have their strengths and weaknesses. If one is enough to show just a snot, then the others just do not take this trash. You need to understand mr. politics, what is dear to him and how he lives. And only then bring the poor fellow to rage!