Troll Face Quest New Series – Troll Sheet Quest 1 + 2 Most Funny Trolling Moments (Troll)


Troll Sheet Quest 1

Yeah!!! This is a new quest from the creators of famous Troll games. We have prepared a good dose of toilet humor in bright juicy levels filled with genuine trollface humor. The dumbest idiotic sheety jokes you can imagine.
The sheety checklist includes:
– 16 cool knocking puzzles
– 16 jokes on a subject ridiculous for everybody (toilet)
– Endless fart and poop jokes
– Unique levels
– Incredible 8k graphics (not)
– 50 shades of fart!

Troll Sheet Quest 2

Part 2 is here. Trolling game has never been so farting!
New batch of brown humour just arrived to your device.
Idiotic and sheety jokes, 50 shades of brown and endless melody of fart.
The sheety checklist includes:
– 16 juicy designed levels
– 16 brown jokes
– Incredible classy Trollface Style from the creators of genre.
Take some toilet paper and hold on tight!

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