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Try to solve loads of nearly nonsensical puzzles, each one based on popular horror movies, in the sometimes baffling -but super fun- game Troll Face Quest Horror. While some puzzles have fairly straightforward logic, other are completely perplexing!

Troll Face Quest Horror has more than 30 different levels. Although it usually only takes a few taps to beat each level, most them have challenging puzzles that require a lot of trial and error to figure out exactly where to tap the screen to solve the puzzle.

Most of Troll Face Quest Horror’s loads of levels are based on popular horror movies. Solve mystifying puzzles based on popular films such as Scream, Frankenstein, The Gremlins, The Blair Witch Project, or Saw.

Although the difficult puzzles can be frustrating at times, you’ll definitely have a great time playing the simple -but super fun- puzzle game Troll Face Quest Horror.