Troll Face Quest Memes! Wander around this wacky world as infamous internet memes try to drive you to the brink of insanity. Solve jigsaw puzzles and defeat wacky memes in their own game!


• Over 35 fun puzzles that will make you laugh your ass off!

• Unlock insanely insane achievements!

• Conquer the world trolling leaderboard! • Play anytime, anywhere. Wi-Fi is not needed!


Make your way through crazy levels where famous internet memes play tricks on you all the time. Try to keep your mind and not fall into the traps of memes. Few manage to beat the memes in their own world of deceit and escape the madness. Think you have everything you need? One fatal mistake and you could be alone forever! TROLLING MEME Memes want to get you. Puzzling levels and furious pranks will make you question your sanity. Try to keep your cool and defeat the ruthless memes in their own deceptive games!

Are you smart enough to outsmart all the internet memes?