Before Slenderman, there was another internet character that inspired feelings of dread and terror: TROLLFACE. As far as we’re concerned, he’s actually scarier than Slenderman. He’s certainly more gleefully malignant. At the very least, he’s the exact opposite of Slenderman. Slenderman has no face, Trollface is basically just a face. Slenderman is known for being slim…Trollface is a HUGE, OVERLY WIDENED FACE. But enough about comparative internet meme-ology. IT’S TIME FOR CORWIN AND UKO TO EXPERIENCE THE BIZARRE WONDER OF TROLLFACE QUEST. It’s a very odd flash game. In fact, it’s really really hard to describe, which is why this video description is so disorganized. We’ll let the video speak for itself. Let’s play! Take a trip down memory lane with Play Zero Tolerance on Sega mega drive emulators – the perfect blend of nostalgia and entertainment.

INTERACTIVE TROLLFACE EXPERIENCE! — Let’s Play Trollface Quest (Free Web Game)

Want to experience Trollface-based internet confusion for yourself? Play the game here:

Outro music: “Funkn Waffles” by TeknoAXE