Briefly about Troll Face Quest

Briefly about Troll Face Quest

An unusual series of games in the style of short-drawn stories. The peculiarity is not the most obvious action where the player finds himself. There is no understanding of the right choice until trying every move. The right or wrong decision will present not the most obvious results. That’s why people liked Troll Face Quest so much.


Dutch developers have launched directions dedicated to horror and pop culture. They have many familiar characters seen in the Saw or Scream movies. Some parts are dedicated to famous bloggers. Familiar faces from popular game series also found their place.

Even some indie devs copy this idea and add other situations and cast. One of these is Sheet Quest. Close in ideas, but with a completely different flavor. With elements that are inherent in Eastern Europe.

Memes in Troll Face Quest

Memes in Troll Face Quest

The game practically doesn’t use well-known memes and creates its own take on jokes. The style is reminiscent of scatological humor in all its demonstration. It was very popular in the days of the Flash Player. Then, the Internet was becoming just global and no one limited the freedom of users.

There are situations where characters skin themselves. Fountains of blood can be seen if unscrew the heads of the monsters. Eating snot takes place from a special angle to make it unpleasant for the player. The ultimate goal is to laugh at what is happening. This sound is not the healthiest but signals the end of the level. Rediscover the thrill of gaming’s golden era on Emulator Games platform. From iconic consoles to legendary titles, we’ve curated a collection that pays homage to the classics. Click to dive into a world where pixels tell the tales of gaming legends.

Who will like it?

Troll Face Quest

Such games are not suitable for children due to the specifics of what is happening. Not shocking, but not recommended playing them. The influence of what they see may affect their behavior not in the best way. There will be unpleasant practical jokes of friends.

Adult Swim fans must love this franchise. The community will be delighted with such an unusual gaming experience. Beavis and Butt-Head or 12 oz. The mouse has the same intensity of absurdity. Moreover, similar projects were on consoles of different generations.

The future of new releases

The franchise has a huge fan base that wants new episodes of their favorite game. They gather on social networks and make their own information websites. If Troll Face Quest stops official releases, then new content will be created for it. This is unlikely because new releases come out quite regularly. Also appearing on new platforms. Dive into the absurdity of Skibidi Toilet game: a bizarre animated series defying logic!